ThinOS Activation devices licenses


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    Heyo.. so I was wondering, what’s up with that? We tried to look it up and the only thing we found was in the latest WTOS 2205 release notes:

    ThinOS enhancements
    ● Added ThinOS Activation devices licenses in Wyse Management Suite—The licenses must be used in the following two scenarios:
    ○ Devices that are converted from other operating systems must use the ThinOS activation licenses to enable VDI function. Without the ThinOS activation license, you cannot log in to any Broker agent on the devices. The ThinOS activation licenses are used automatically when registering to Wyse Management Suite.
    ○ Non-PCoIP ThinOS clients that are upgraded from ThinOS 8.6 can use ThinOS Activation license to enable the PCoIP function.

    We tried upgrading our test 3040 and got a “ThinOS Activation License is not available” trying to login to out Citrix brokers for XenApp.. Apps.

    But it is not a converted unit or a PCoIP … it’s an updated 3040. I wasn’t able to find any information on that anywhere. Ist this now a on-time fee to be able to keep our fleet updated?

    Does anyone have infos on that and is willing to share? Cheers ✌

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    Running into this as well on a 5070 that had its motherboard replaced. We’ve updated to WMS 3.7 but I don’t see the this device licenses section anywhere. Is it a pro feature?

    Jim Lathan
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    In the case of a replaced motherboard, contact support and report that the tech did not set the security bit for ThinOS.

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