ThinOS 9.x DPI scaling AVD Client aka LogPixels

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    another nice feature of thinos 9 is that the local (thinos) DPI scaling from displays gets passed though the RDP session. In thinos 8 this never was a problem and could be disabled. So the user can decide which zoom level they prefer in the final rdp session.

    Nowadays we have to create a special wms policy, for each client if they are in different locations which we bind direct to a device. That could not be a solution.

    So, the question is: How can we stop thinos from forwarding the local, and only per wms configurable, DPI scaling factor to the RDP session so that this configuration is a per-user-RDP setting? Idependet from the client.

    To be clear what i´am talking about: The “LogPixels” reg setting in Windows to declare the zoomlevel from text, pictures etc. which is per default unavailable in RDP sessions.

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    Letting the user decide which scale factor fits better for her/him should be the default.

    (One of the reason we’re still on ThinOS 8…)

    DELL support told to make an enhancement request through our DELL sales contact. You should probably do the same.

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