ThinOS 9 – RTAV/Webcam redirection with Blast VDI

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    I’ve been upgrading some of our 5070s that run 8.6.807 to to 9 2303 and have noticed a change in the way our Logitech C270 webcams appear within the Horizon VMs. Previously on 8, our webcams would appear in Device Manager as “VMware Virtual Webcam” indicating that the webcam was connected to the VM via RTAV and this has worked well. With ThinOS 9, the webcam appears as a Camera “USB Video Device”, which would seem to mean that the webcam is being connected to the session as a USB device.

    I have tried different combinations in the ThinOS 9 configuration (no USB redirection, USB redirection on with “exclude video devices” enabled, exclude audio devices etc, exclude by VID/PID) but I still get the same behavior with the webcam appearing as USB Video Device. The webcam does work and the performance seems similar as far as I can tell, I just want to ensure that I’m using optimal settings.

    Has the old VMware Virtual Webcam redirection been deprecated, or is there a method to make it work the same way in 9?

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