ThinOS 9 – Graphics issues on Windows 7 VDIs.

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    This is my first topic post so I’ll try to be as brief and as concise as possiblem.

    My Organisation runs the following environments and end points:

    1. Legacy: Citrix 7.6 environment running Windows 7 VDIs with 7.15LTSR VDA installed.

    2. New production: Citrix Cloud environment running Windows 10 VDIs and Server 2016 Shared desktops both with 2203LTSR VDA installed.

    End points: Wyse 5010 (TOS8), 3040 (TOS8 and TOS9), 5070 (TOS9), 5470 (TOS9), Chromebooks, Linux Worksations and Windows based PCs/Laptops.

    Now the problem that I (we) have is that on our Legacy estate if we upgrade our TOS and Workspace versions past 9.1.608 and 21.9 respectively then we experience rendering issues on the Windows 7 VDIs. The screen does not draw correctly and we either get large black patches or ghosted images of other parts of the screen. This makes it impossible to work. NOTE: All the non Wyse endpoints work without issue on the latest Citrix Workspace clients.

    However, now that we are starting to use MS Teams more widely for audio and video calls and are looking to deploy Ring Central we need to up our ThinOS9 and Workspace versions to accomodate this but this will break our legacy access.

    I have raised this with Dell Support but thought I’d ask in here to see if anyone else experienced similar issues on Wyse ThinOS?

    Thanks in advance.

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