ThinOS 9 dual display glitch

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    Hi – Deployed few Thinos 9 5070s recently using dual 1440p screens 125% scaling.

    Office has broker Server 2016 RDP they connect to as well as a separate manual RDP to a Windows 10 32bit (For DOS 16 bit app)  (Windows 10 only supporting the 1 screen)

    Having issue where dual display connects fine to Server 2016 at first but at some point the thin client drops the 2nd monitor and just shows thin client background.  Reviewing the still established RDP session display properties it still displays 2 monitors.

    Not sure the culprit yet.  The manual Win10 RDP maybe?  They use ctrl-alt-down to jump back and forth during the day.  Or picture screensaver not resuming session properly.  Dunno – Anybody experienced such?


    BTW – Thinos9 been a bit rocky…Finally resolved a separate terminal locking issue – Users telling me ThinOS locking on them for inactivity (not accurate) when couldn’t find anything defined in policy for inactive lock or sleep.  FIX – ctrl – alt – left or right arrow shortcut key lock function very close to down arrow session switcher.   AHHHHHH

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