ThinOS 9.1.x citrix keyboard combinations input

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    I have a customer who has several thinclients (3040) with thinos 9.1.x. He complains, that keyboard combinations (for exmapl ctrl+c / ctrl+v) must be typed very slowly to get it recognized in the remote citrix session. Normal keyboard inputs are working completly normal.

    It does not happen on fat clients and the keyboard connected to the wyse terminal was replaced too. So I can rule that out.

    Any ideas?



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    Be good to find resoltuion we have 60+ ThinOS 3040 9.1 and having the same issues in citrix.  And users dont like to press it slowly.

    Any answers would be gratefully appreciated


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    I haven’t heard about that before.
    Would you be able to test this with a Ubuntu Linux client and the Linux CWA?
    There will be an update for ThinOS 9.1 in the next few days with a newer CWA.


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    In WMS under Peripheral Management and Keyboard settings what is the keyboard repeat rate and repeat delay?

    I do not experience this delay on my 3040’s or 5070’s and I also have a personal Ubuntu desktop running 20.04 and Citrix Workspace App for Linux to do comparisons of what could be a ThinOS issue vs a Citrix Linux issue; have not seen it there either.

    What is the VDA version on the Desktop/VM?  We run 1912 LTSR CU1 and have not experienced this.  Did something change in your VDA space?

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