Thinos 9.1 VNC Sleep after idle time

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    Has anyone noticed that thinos 9.1 devices (build 3129 and before) cannot be connected to with VNC after the tc is idle for a while?

    The devices still check in, but cannot make vnc connection. I use third party Vnc client to connect. No password prompt, just says ‘connecting’. No problem with thinos 8.6.

    VNC through console doesn’t work at all.


    After reboot vnc works again.

    The Power sleep settings in thinos 9 policy are set to :

    power and sleep action when plugged in: power off

    timer when plugged in: disabled


    although I am not sure if this applies to 5070 and 3040 thin clients.

    is the TC going to sleep somehow?



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    Hi Boris,

    I can confirm I have the same issue with our 3040 thin clients on 9.1.

    As you say, the devices still check in, but can only be connected to again after a reboot.

    Luckily I’m still testing 9.1, so haven’t rolled it out to everyone yet. As this would be rather annoying!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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