ThinOS 9.1 Certificate Probleme


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    in the 8.6 Version we handled the problem in the following way:
    Advanced Device Configuration > Advanced > SecurityPolicy=Low

    We tried to write this line in one of the Custom Infos under:
    Advanced > Personalization > Device Info

    But it didn’t solve our certificate problem.

    My Question:
    A: Is the Custom Info the right place for those special settings?
    B: Is the Phrase “SecurityPolicy=Low” in ThinOS 9.1 still working?

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    I’m also looking for “SecurityPolicy=Low” for ThinOS 9.1

    I’m not overlooking security. But….when everything is On Premise, a “Man-In-The-middle” attack is very unlikely. We’re also talking of full desktops or Apps, not random web-pages subject to spoofing. A user landing on a wrong server w/o his/her profile would quickly call us…


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    i got also a certificate issue after upgrading to the new THINOS 9.X version leaving the TC not able to login to Citrix.

    It was gone after deleting the Certificates downloaded to the thin client and rebooting once. the thin client then downloaded the certificate chain again from WMS and everthing was fine again. Don’t know if this will solve your issues with the 9.X thinos client.

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    ThinOS 9 does no longer support INI parameters. Saying that you cannot use them in any place.
    You have to use the WMS policy or the local Admin Policy Tool.


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