ThinOS 9.1.6 Typing in Chrome/Edge/Office

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    Anyone notice typing issues in Chrome/Edge? My users complain when filling out forms in Edge/Chrome that when it prompts the auto-fill suggestions, it quits allowing typing for a second or two. I also confirmed this happens in Word/Excel with the Auto-suggest feature – if starting to type, say, a month once auto-suggest pops up it doesn’t allow the user to type for a second or two. This is ThinOS 9.1.6 (but been happening in every iteration of ThinOS 9) on Wyse 3040 devices running Citrix Virtual Apps.

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    Confirmed. I haven’t been able to solve this issue, most irritated is in google translate, it seems like every typing of a letter disables the active window. This is the reason we must stay at 8.6 thinos.

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