ThinOS 9.1.2101 – volume control for Teams with HDX Optimization


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    Ian Horlings
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    We are running Wyse 3040’s currently with ThinOS 9.1.2101 with Citrix Workspace package version 21.4, running sessions from Citrix 1912 CU1 of Server 2016, on which we are running  Teams version, which I believe is still the current version.

    What we have found is that master volume slider in Server 2016 works fine for everything else, but for Teams it is completely ineffective due to the HDX acceleration that is being used. This is because the Teams audio is being processed locally by the thin client’s OS taking the guest OS out of the loop. Therefore, the only way to control the volume in Teams is to window your Citrix session and adjust the volume slider in ThinOS directly. See the following website for more on this:

    So my question is, does anyone know of a way to pass the volume control from ThinOS into the guest OS, either as a small program installed on the guest OS or some settings magic I am unaware of?

    This also effects our users running their Citrix session on Windows 10 laptops, but in that scenario this is less of an issue for our users than it is with ThinOS, because the volume control buttons on the laptops controls the laptop’s volume, not the guest OS’s volume, but thin client’s don’t usually have such volume controls on them, though this might depend on the exact keyboards attached. Even so, we are not going to purchase new keyboards just for this, so that isn’t a helpful solution sadly.

    I realize there likely isn’t any real solution to this one, at least not at this time, but I figured it was worth a shot to throw this out anyways in the hopes of getting lucky!

    Cheers, Ian

    P.S. the link I added above is not my own, but just one I found via Google of others experiencing the same issue.

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    Good finding
    Thanks for sharing


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    Same problem here,

    There is an option in WMS : Shortcut KEys > System Shortcut > Enable Volume Control for Client Volume

    That should do exactly what we need but unfortunatly it’s not working for us in blast

    I guess people in this forum doesn’t use Teams optimization but you guys should try, it’s very impressive

    If anyone solved this, please take a moment to reply

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    Update : We are using vmware Horizon and “Enable Volume Control for Client Volume”=1 allow to use volume key on keyboard otherwise volume key change Windows volume

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