ThinOS 9.1.1131 Webcam Settings & Performance

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    We tested the new ThinOS 9.1 release with our Horizon environment and were disappointed in the webcam performance when compared to 8.6.  Typically we uncheck the Optimize for CPU option and then increase the resolution to 640×480 with 20FPS 1:1.  When using the Logitech C920, we have been happy with the performance.


    With 9.1, all the configurable options for the webcam are gone.  There was noticeable lag compared to 8.6 and the settings I outlined.  Will the webcam options be added back to 9.1 in the future?

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    It seems that these settings are not planned to come back as they should be useless in a UC environment (which I doubt personally).
    If you have a dedicated Dell representative please push him to open an enhancement ticket.


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