TCX Suite on Windows 2008r2sp1 and C10le 7.1_122

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    Hi ,

    i just installed the evaluation of Wyse tcx suite on my Windows 2008r2 SP1 rdp server.
    All my thin clients are Wyse C10LE devices with wtos 7.1_122.

    I have some questions :

    1. Is this supported on 7.1_122 ?
    2. Is this all i have to install or are there more actions required , e.g. adapting my ini file or client plugins or … ?
    3. I can already see when i start IE or Firefox on my thin client that is installs a plugin.
    I mainly need the tcx suite for flash. I can see on my tcx server config i have these 2 options (acceleration or redirection).
    Which one should ik take ?

    kind regards,

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    That should be all you have to do.
    Acceleration is the correct one for you.
    If it works, you should see a “W” on top of the flash video. Don’t play more than one video on a site.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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