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    okay the TCX used here is v4.0.0.17 x64 on Windows 2008 x64 8gb with E5405 (quad)

    What was not installed (not supported) on x64win2008 is rich sound & MDS (multi-display: no use for us) Everything else was installed:

    Flash Redirector
    USB Virtulization

    1) Flash Redirector worked first time than crashed IE8 after that again and again even with dep off on iexplore sitll crashes… It was making the server unstable so no use and removed.

    2) Multimedia had few registration of ocx/dlls but got that fixed manually and it worked but no notice in difference for me.

    3) USB Virtulization now this is what I kept after all three and uninstalled multimedia and flash redirector. This is GREAT! The scanners used here is BizCardScanner 600c from offsite on V10L v6.5.0_30

    The usb virtulization is a must for any wyse v10L / r90l etc…. It works like a champ of course offsite it is a bit slow because data scanned is being uploaded.

    The rest is up to you… We are a enterprise user so multimedia/flash etc.. isn’t a must for us. So I didn’t go too much in detail with it. The flash redirector is unstable under terminal services 2008×64 for us at least… It really hung the server for 15~seconds before it crashed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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