T50 Firmware – Where to find "Dell Wyse Enhanced Ubuntu Linux MR5" and others

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    Good day,

    I’ve inherited a few (Dell) Wyse T50 thin clients, but they are still running the factory default OS [build 20120203-0_U-1.018 of OS 2.6.32-217-hedley (based on Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS) running on BIOS W7.0_217-EC_PVT0.2].

    Dell has closed down the appservices.wyse.com site that formerly contained the update files and not migrated everything to its main support site. I haven’t been able to locate a working link on their site, their forums, these forums, or the downloads page here. While I understand that Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS is long past EOL, it would be very helpful to have the most recent official Wyse package (and/or a slightly less new but more stable release) even if I end up having to try back-porting a more recent OS to these devices (as best as I could tell, Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS “Precise Pangolin” is the most recent non-Wyse specific release to be built for the “armel” architecture).

    The stock OS was successfully backed up using a USB drive created with the “Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool”.

    Does anyone have a working link or other source where I may be able to obtain a newer version than 1.018 for the Wyse 3010 T50?

    I have release notes for versions 1.028, 1.037, and 1.041 (which are from August 2013, April 2014, and July 2015, respectively). It also seems there may have also been at least a version 1.021, 1.022 (noted as unstable), 1.027, as well as the much older 1.012 and 1.015 (before they froze the date code as 20120203 with version 1.018).

    It appears that 1.041 may be the latest version (sometimes branded as “Dell Wyse Ubuntu Linux MR5”). The release notes state it was officially released on 10 July 2015. The related files appear to be

    • 20120203-0_U-1.041_T50_merlin.exe
    • Addons_1.041_t50.zip
      • (not sure if this is part of the “merlin” package)
      • this should contain something like:
        • wyse-ubnt-img-upgrade_1.0.0-1.041_armel.deb

    The newer releases (1.041 and 1.037, at least) also appear to contain a newer version of the BIOS, “W7.0_218-EC_PVT0.2″. Not sure if that gets installed automatically with those upgrades or if an additional file is needed there.

    The filenames for the older versions I’m looking for are:

    • 1.028
      • 20120203-0_U-1.28_T50_merlin.exe
      • addons-1.028-t50.zip or Addons_1.028_t50.zip
    • 1.037
      • 20120203-0_U-1.037_T50_merlin.exe
      • Addons_1.037_t50.zip

    Thanks for reading this far and for any help or insight you may be able to provide! If I’m barking up the wrong tree and you think I should be requesting something else, please don’t hesitate to share.


    – Jim

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    I have uploaded the last available one 1.041


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