SmartCard errors on ThinOS


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    I’m not sure this is the right topic but because of thinos header I write this here.

    We have different Wyse thin clients with different thinOS versions.

    We use ACS smartcard readers (ACS – ACR 39T and ACR 39T USB) and Tubitak-KamuSM (in Turkey) smartcards.

    About 4 months ago KamuSM has started to change simcards-smartcards to assure higher level security and has sent us a new version smartcards but they haven’t changed their smartcard readers.

    New simcards-smartcards work on Windows 10 seamlessly.

    But this new sims doesn’t work with our thinOS thin clients.

    Users connect to Windows Server 2012-2016-2019 rdp hosts, click on software, software shows that there is a smartcard but cannot show its details as the oldversion smartcards show.

    Same card reader with older smartcards works fine but the new ones don’t.

    And as nobody use thinclients as we use, we cannot get help from Tubitak or KamuSM.

    They claim new version simcards forces usb readers to work faster or different.

    Is there any configuration on ThinOS thinclients as we change or see usb reader speed or working type.

    We use ConfGen to generate ini files and use ftp server to distribute. Is there any configuration at ConfGen about it.

    Thanks in advance

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