Should I go to WMS or switch completely?

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    Hello all,

    a question for the experts and honest answers 😉

    About my environment:
    – In total I have about 20 ThinOS Wyse clients running (many T10 models and a few 3040)
    – the ThinClients only need to control two monitors and connect to a RDP server

    For this ThinOS is/was optimal and did its job well and stable.

    I used to distribute the policies via FTP. This is no longer supported – the alternative is the Wyse Management Suite (WMS).

    When testing the WMS I also had the here mentioned update problems which makes the use in the real system very questionable. I also miss a backup function to export the rules – to be able to do a reinstallation instead of an update (and import the rules).

    Then the impression remains that the support for ThinClients is getting less and less (at the moment there are still Optiplex 3000 and newer 5070). Is DELL letting the ThinClients expire?

    Now I have to ask myself, should I continue to use ThinOS or switch to a competitor (e.g. IGEL). What do you think?

    Thanks in advance.




    Soll ich auf WMS gehen oder gleich ganz wechseln?

    Hallo zusammen,

    mal eine Frage an die Experten und ehrliche Antworten 😉

    Zu meinem Umfeld:
    – Insgesamt habe ich ca 20 ThinOS Wyse Clients am laufen (viele T10 Modelle und ein paar 3040)
    – die ThinClients müssen nur zwei Monitore ansteuern und zu einem RDP Server verbinden können

    Dafür ist/war ThinOS bisher optimal und hat gut und stabil seine Aufgabe erfüllt.

    Die Verteilung der Richtlinien habe ich bisher per FTP gemacht. Dies wird nicht mehr unterstützt – die Alternative ist die Wyse Management Suite (WMS).

    Beim Test der WMS hatte ich die hier oft erwähnten Probleme beim Update was den Einsatz im Echtsystem sehr fraglich macht. Ich vermisse auch eine Backupfunktion um zumindest die Regeln zu exportieren – um ggfs eine Neuinstallation machen zu können anstatt eines Updates (und die Regeln zu importieren).

    Dann wird gefühlt auch die Unterstützung an ThinClients immer weniger (momentan gibt es noch Optiplex 3000 und neuer 5070). Lässt DELL die ThinClients aussterben?

    Mir stellt sich nun die Frage, soll ich weiter auf ThinOS setzen oder ganz zu einem Mitbewerber (bspw IGEL) wechseln. Was meint ihr?

    Danke im voraus.

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    Thats a bit of a loaded question. A little background on me, I currently manage about 4k Windows 5070s and about 50 ThinOS with WMS. Before that I managed 4k ThinOs using WDM.

    To start you need to consider your companies expectation and roadmaps and make sure your management server and hardware can align with that. I’ve looked at IGEL years ago but ended up staying with Dell due to existing hardware we carried over. However, if you plan to replace those machines at all it may not be a bad idea to look into IGEL.

    One thing you can try is reaching out to IGEL sales and state your intention of using them. They can help with providing you with a test machine you can use to deploy a temp environment to see if they fit your need. Its extra work but it does help you see if the IGEL experience is worth the switch.

    Wish I could give you a more specific choice but there’s too many things to consider to just pick one. You should consider also setting up a WMS test server and add a few devices into it to see how it fairs. You can use the free version for most basic setups. Compare it with IGEL and see how you feel about support and ease of management.

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