S50 vs C10LE

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    Years ago (circa 2010) I bought four S50 thin clients.  We use them as vnc viewers that remote to windows pc’s to show their screen.  From memory, they didn’t do that out of the box – I had to go somewhere (maybe the Wyse) site and install something.

    Since then they have worked wonderfully.

    Now… I’ve inherited 20 C10LE boxes.  12 P20 D200.  And 3 S30’s.

    The goal is the same – get a few more that simply connect to a vnc server and show the session on the thin client.

    Are any of those capable?  And secondly, assuming they aren’t… Is it still possible to do that if I buy some used S50s?  I’ve read a lot on here that indicates it is very hard to find the software and I’m not certain that I have a copy of whatever I downloaded back in 2010 that made it work.


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    There is no VNC viewer for ThinOS (C10), P20 or Windows CE (S30).


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