S30: No New Connections Available After FTP Flash

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    I’m seeing a random problem and I was wondering if anyone else was seeing it.

    When I update the firmware on an S30 using FTP, sometimes it comes up with no default connections. Also, and the bigger problem, when I click the add button to add a new connection, there are no new connection types available. The drop down box is completely blank.

    I have verified that, when this happens, the addons are installed. Specifically, I looked for the ICA client, as that is what most of our devices use. Also, when the devices are at this point, I am unable to manage it with WDM. I have to treat it like a dead device and submit a PXE job to reimage it.

    This doesn’t happen every time.

    I have never had this problem when using PXE to image the devices, only with FTP. I need to use both methods, as some of my sites are unable to PXE boot.

    Anyone else seeing this? Any clues as to what might be happening?

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    Hi Joe,

    I have seen this issue and it was with a specific build of firmware (I don’t recall which).

    If you G-Key the unit it will return to defaults and then send the firmware or settings.reg down again. You can do this remotely with the G-Key addon on this site.

    The issue is that the FTP upgrade tries to merge the existing registry with the one in the new FTP package to keep the existing connections. Sometimes there is a conflict with the setting so the whole lot gets dropped.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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