S10 restarts instead of powering off

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    we have problems with some converted S50 or s90 to S10.
    Instead of powering off it reboots. While converting there was no error and the error isn’t on all devices. Firmware is the latest one

    Any Ideas?

    Kind Regards and thanks


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    I had this happen since upgrading from a v5 firmware to v7.1.033 – somewhere in the way there it changed.

    I had a ticket open with WYSE for 2 months but they were unable to replicate.
    I’ve since gone to 7.1._0122 yesterday so I’m hoping it’s been fixed with a “Shutdown=poweroff” parameter but I haven’t had a chance to test this yet.

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    Check out your BIOS setting, we had the same issue (firmware 7.x on a S10) and solved by changing the power option in the BIOS from “Always on” to “Normal”

    press the “DEL” button on a cold boot and use “Fireport” to enter the BIOS.

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    Problem is solved

    I converted a S50 from Linux to WTOS 5.0, after that to 5.3 then to 7.0.1_13
    Reset to factory default and after that to 7.1_33 and everything is working fine now 🙂

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