RDP connections to RDS2019 very slow

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    Hi all,

    We recently started using RDS 2019 server with different collections for our terminal users. The users complain that when they work on the terminals it comes to performance problems on the new system. For example, moving windows or switching between programs is extremely delayed.

    Working from a PC or notebook on the RDS2019 server is possible without any problems.

    Firmware WMS: 3.2.1
    Firmware 5010: 8.6_710
    Firmware 3040: 8.6_013

    Are there any best-practice settings that should be made here?

    Our configuration is implemented with MS-Broker.

    Domain login required – Yes
    Broker server – https://mybroker.local
    Enable NLA – Yes

    Otherwise, the RDP8 settings are almost all on default.


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    Can you post your config?


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