Problems contacting WMS Server from ThinClient

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    Hey there,

    I am currently evaluating the Dell Wyse 5470 with VMware Broker and WMS Server. I set the DHCP Option Tags on both DHCP servers as well as the connection Broker in the advanced policy settings.

    First problem I encountered was that the client would constantly loose it’s IP address which gave me a very hard time on pushing the policies to the client in the first place. After contacting Dell I found out that active/active DHCPs (as set in our company) are not supported and “may” be supported in ThinOS 9 (which currently does not support PCoIP sadly).

    I now set a DHCP reservation in both DHCP servers for the MAC of the ENET0 Interface and gave the client that static IP. The “save the security configuration to the local client” option was not yet activated in my policy, so if I now boot without network, the client still shows the standard desktop interface. If I boot with network cable attached, the policy seems to be pulled (the desktop background changes and the VDI login window opens) but the VDI server still cannot be reached and also, when I go to “central configuration” in admin mode, I cannot contact the WMS server. This is the case in 9/10 times.

    In very very little cases I am “lucky” and the VDI server is reachable, as well as the WMS server and then the client updates it’s policy. But this is maybe the case like every few hours or so.

    Any ideas on what else could be disturbing the connection? Or are those clients/the current OS 8.6_303 – even with a static IP address – are just not working properly in a active/active DHCP environment?

    Thanks in advance

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    Can you ping the WMS and Broker server from the client at all times? By IP and name?
    Do you have all the necessary certificates installed?


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    What are the necessary Certs?

    is the default installed cert not enough?

    this wms is a local private install.


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    Adding + When I login to the gui, I do not get an https error

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