Problem imaging Wyse winterm s90 to factory image

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    First I want to say hello and thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

    I am completely new to winterms and all that go with it. Please Please Please do not hesitate to ask me to check the simplist of things if needed as I have never messed with these before and I am now being tasked with trying to find a solution that will aid the company I work for in re-imaging 150+ winterms that are located all across the US.

    Here is what I have done so far or what I have in place…
    1 stand alone 2003 server (not on the company network)
    DHCP Turbo installed on same machine.
    IIS and FTP installed on same machine.

    WDM 4.5.3 Installed, it seems to be working, meaning it auto discovers newly connected winterms, it will send a reboot / shut down if needed, etc. But when I select a image from the images section and drag that to Device Manager and drop it on a green icon colored machine I get the following message.
    “The following device has a media size less than the image size of the selected package WT64Z8E100027 If an image is written to a media that is to small, the device may be rendered inoperable. Please choose the devices again.”

    I’m assuming that my image is bigger then the allowed image for the machine by the looks of the message… however if that is the case then I am truly more lost then what I thought. I downloaded the firmware from Wyse’s website “9S92_S607_512” as I was instructed from another individual…

    Basically I could use someone to walk me through what I am doing as I am over my head.

    Oh btw… I called Wyse for some help and was told to DL this WDM instead of using WSI and was told that this would be a cake walk to use and I’d use alot less brain power using WDM instead of WSI. Im not seeing that yet but I am hoping one or more of you can help turn that around.

    Once again thanks for the help and feel free to abuse me and treat me as if I have never turned on a machine let alone anything else.


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    How much flash do you have in your S90?
    Maybe you only have 256MB flash.


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