Printer Iusse on C10LE on 7.1_033 not on 7.0_033

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    We are having an issue on our Cx0 C10LE’s when we eaither egt a new terminal or upgrade the firmware from 7.0_033

    We have a XenDesktop 5 environment (so using ICA)

    We have an App the requires a certain printer name in this case “HP LaserJet P2035” when using version 7.0_033 everything is fine

    Recently we have been getting new terminals with firmware 7.1_033 and when we log into a XenDesktop machine the printer is being called “HP LaserJet2035 (from WTXXXXXXXX)” so its like the VM is seeing it as a remote printer.

    Because of this our app does no see the printer and we cannot print which is a huge issue.

    We looked at the WYSE terminal setting and could not find how to turn this off so if anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated.

    We have an open ticket with WYSE but they said it could take 6 business days to hear back so figued I would ask on here as well.

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    There was a change in the way devices get mapped. So it looks like there is no way for you to change this behaviour without the help of some Wyse engineers.


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