Possible to Edit INI/Configuration file to disable Menu Bar?

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    Is it possible to add a line to the INI file or edit the VMware View Preferences file to disable the menu bar with VMware View Client 1.5.0+?

    We have about 1200 R50 Thin Clients and need to upgrade our backend to View 5.1 and this requires the new version of VMware View Client (Most recent is 1.5.0 from Wyse Website, but 1.7.0 exists for Ubuntu). However, with this new version, there appears to be a new addition of a menu bar that the user can see to minimize their current session.

    Reading through the VMware View Linux guide (http://www.vmware.com/pdf/view-client-linux-document.pdf) this can be overridden via the preferences file, or a mandatory config file. However, since the R50 is RAMdisk, I can’t actually edit anything (it just reverts back to default).

    If I can’t edit the local files, is there any way to pull a configuration from the INI file or somewhere else for the View Client? Or maybe compile the addon with the preferences file predefined?

    I am at a complete loss. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Please let me know if anyone can assist. Thank you greatly!

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    Obviously you are lost. You even posted in the WTOS section although you are using Linux. Never mind.
    AFAIK there are no parameters to configure this at this moment.
    To modify anything permenantly you would need a full SUSE environment. Then follow the step that are outlined in the document about creating SUSE addon on this page.


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