Option 161 for site failover

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    Can anyone tell me how DHCP option 161 is interpreted by Wyse terminals?
    I know that you can set this to a comma separated list of servers/IPs, however I don’t know if the terminal attempts a connection to each one in turn or picks one at random.
    I also don’t know if the DHCP server will issue the whole list or just one random entry.

    What I am attempting to do is to provide site failover, whereby a failure of the server infrastructure (eg. entire blade chassis) would cause terminals to connect to the ftp server at a DR site, which would then have a config pointing them to broker servers at that DR site.

    My thought was to have option 161 being:


    I did get our network bods to configure this (DHCP is done on our switches), however this was done as follows:

    ip dhcp pool BLAH
    option 161 ascii site1FTPServer1
    option 161 instance 1 ascii site1FTPServer2
    option 161 instance 2 ascii site2FTPServer

    This is not working, but I don’t know if it is due to the DHCP being set as separate entries (rather than a single entry with the comma separated list), or whether it is the Wyse terminals picking an entry at random.

    Anyone else done something like this?

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    Although option tag 161 is a String value, you can only push one server address or one server name.
    There is no fail over.
    The only option you have is to use a NLB address.


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