Odd VNC issues with 3040’s

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    Hi Guys,


    I was wondering if anyone has seen this and has a solution.


    We have over 200 Wyse 3040’s all manged by WMS but for some reason a small number of them just wont allow VNC connections to the devices. We have other devices in the same WMS group and at the same physical locations that don’t have this issue so I am sure it’s not the config.

    All the 3040 devices that have this issue report “Connection Gracefully closed” or “Connection actively refused”

    So far I have done the following to try and resolve the issue:

    1) Set a custom VNC password for the devices in the device exceptions.

    2) Disabled the VNC service and rebooted the Clients, then Renabled and rebooted the client

    3) Updated ThinOS to 8.6_807.

    4) Factory reset the clients.


    Nothing seems to work, has anyone else had this happen?

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