No WMS 3.2 Login Screen on Windows Server 2016 VM

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    Please bear with me as I am very new to this technology.  I have a clean Windows Server 2016 VM residing under vCenter and have joined the domain.  My installation of the WMS went seamlessly, but when I attempt to launch the application I get the 404 error and no login screen presented.  My certificates have been configured.  I tried stopping and restarting the WMS services in the order specified in the Dell Wyse Management Suite Version 3.x Quick Start Guide without resolution – as the Tomcat service was non-responsive.  My DB passwords do not contain the “%” symbol.  Any ideas?

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    Sound like a port conflict with Tomcat.
    Resolve Port Conflict by updating Tomcat config to use different port:
    – Tomcat Port defined in:
    — C:\Program Files\DELL\WMS\Tomcat-8\conf\server.xml
    – Confirm availability of open ports with netstat -ano
    — Recommend port 8010 to give space for other services and skip over other tomcat port requirements


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