New Firmware certificate error

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    First time poster – long time reader !

    Problem is thus : I have recently updated to 6.5.0_30 in efforts to fix latency issues connecting to citrix sessions (especially with flash) However upon doing so I receive the following error:

    https: connect via SOCKS
    SSL: retcode=61 root certificate is not found locally
    https: SLLconnect failed, err = -1
    SSL: retcode=4 an error occurred while reading/writing
    socket connect: Invalid argument

    I have confirmed in Event Log that the following entries exist:

    Installed certificate NewCert.crt on Flash!
    Installed certificate NewCert.crt on RAM!

    Factory default of the Wyse terminals is 6.5.0_22 (This works) same with 6.5.0_23. Both of these work with the certificate however the latency issue remains.

    Here is an abstract from the wnos.ini :

    #Citrix server.

    #This will upgrade to firmware if a newer version exists in the ftp directory
    #Selects firmware update mode: 0=disable, 1=upgrade/downgrade, 2=upgrade only

    #Add a certificate for Citrix Secure Gateway

    Please note i user HTTP for my PNliteserver otherwise the following error occurs:

    SSL: no trusted CA found locally.
    SSL: fail to setup connection. (Err=-7517)
    PN Agent sign-on failed

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    What I do not understand is why you are installing a certificate at all, if you just use http? What is the purpose of this cert?


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