Mouse mouvement Scattered with ThinOS 9.1 with Wyse behind DeskPhone

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    we’re using a combination of Desk Phone ( Cisco ) that bridges the network connection between the switch/patch panel, and the Wyse 3040


    We have a certain amount of Wyse 3040 still in thinOS8.6 that don’t have the issue

    We also have some 3040 with 9.1.1131, and only some of them have the issue


    actually after some time running a Citrix Shared Desktop, the mouse ( not the keyboard ) mouvements start to be scattered and erratic, event logging off the Citrix environment doesn’t make the issue disappear
    the only thing that solves temporarly is to reboot the wyse itself

    we tried to change for a Wired  mouse ( was wireless ), change the cabling, the switch port, checked network configuration, replace the Wyse, reformat the wyse, and the problem reappeared


    the only solution we found, is to replace the Desk phone by another one, and we dont have the issue anymore

    We check the Deskphone config, and compare with other deskphones, and config and firmwares are identical


    I searched on the WMS for USB configuration, tried to limit the mouse speed, but didn’t find the solution


    did someone already encounter this situation ?







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