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    We have approx 100, HP D220 model pc’s that we have pc extender ,version 11, installed on. Unfortunately, since the production version was released which is required for this model to even function, as it didn’t before, the video will go black and the session will disconnect after approx. 20 minutes. This also completely crashes extender and requires a manual power cycle to reboot.

    I suspect the video drivers are the issue, as it was the reason previous versions of extender didn’t work before- so is there a way we can manually update drivers? Is there a driver folder suse adds to the ntfs partition or anything?

    Thanks for any insight on this!

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    Of course you can modify the display driver but it is not that easy as with eg Windows. There is no driver repository somewhere.
    First thing would be to find out which graphic card is build in the PC. Then we can continue.
    PCE uses a squashed filesystem. So nearly every modification will be lost after a reboot.
    The only way to come around this would a special addon.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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