LPD on Optiplex 3000 ThinOS 9.1

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    We are having a terrible time trying to make this work. We have a Zebra GC420d printer plugged in via USB. The terminal sees the printer, but when I go to test print, nothing comes out. The printer just blinks once as if it receives data. If I put the printer in dump mode, I do get some data to print. That is the first problem


    The second problem is when RDPd to our server, the printer doesn’t show up. I have the printer ID set exactly (case and all) to the same as the server. We have this working perfectly on 8.6_710 with the exact same setup. I think the problem is that 9.1 doesn’t support acting like an LPD server, which is a major problem for us. Can someone verify that is the case and put me out of my misery?

    Jim Lathan
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    Post your INI file, when using a USB printer, generally, you will pass through USB and not define it as LPD.

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