KeyBoard RepeatRate for Login Box only?


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    Here’s the scenario:

    Thousands of Dell 5040/5470 devices on Mobile Medical Carts (ThinOS 8.6_27).

    Often, staff stick things on the keyboards causing ~300,000 failed Imprivata authentication attempts per device.  This happens daily.

    1) My initial thought was to just turn OFF the KeyboardRepeat Delay.

    Device=Keyboard RepeatRate=0

    The problem with this…is that it carries over into the Virtual Desktop session launched from this ThinOS device.  Customers would hate that they have no keyboard repeat in the VM.

    2) OK.  So if the device made some type of annoying beeps that would draw attention to something hitting the keyboard… there is nothing but silence.   I can make the device “ding” when trying to select grayed-out options, so I know the system speaker is working.  But try locking the session, and upon unlock just put in a bad password and HOLD DOWN Enter.  (silence)   I need it to be annoying enough for someone to walk over and fix it.

    3) What about just disabling the RETURN key from repeating on the ThinOS login box only? (we use the VDI Mode)   I’m not sure that’s an option…but it would solve my problems.

    Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this issue?   (And don’t say User Training, LOL)









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