Job to update Registry Key on WES7

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    I wanted to update a registry key to enable TLS 1.2 on WES7 devices. I exported the registry key that I want to use to modify other devices. I placed the exported registry key on the WMS 1.4 repo under Thin Client Apps. I created an App Policy and selected the registry Key file as the application to use, the OS subtype was WES7 and I also selected the Platform Filter. I did not entered any parameters as I thought that WMS will know how to execute the file. The job was executed the Wyse device rebooted as expected to disable the write filter, it booted up and I saw the Typical message the administrator is performing changes, the job completed and the Wyse rebooted. Unfortunately, the registry key didn’t get updated. Any thoughts or suggestions.

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    You cannot just push the regfile.
    Create a batch or similar to trigger regedit to import your regfile.


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