Installing 3rd Party Citrix and Zoom

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    Having trouble installing the latest CWAL and Zoom Plugin for DHC.  I can upload the packages fine to WMS public cloud and I can set jobs to push them from WMS public cloud to my DHC 1.5.  The job for the install will even show as successful, but nothing seems to update on the DHC.

    Additional Info:

    • WMS Public Cloud Version: WMS 3.5.1 8
    • Hybrid Client (Wyse 5070 Celeron)
    • OS Version Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop (Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (fossa-sanbernardino X37))
    • Software Stack Version 1.5.750
    • Package Version 1.5.143
    • Agent Version 1.2.0-416

    I’ve uploaded CWAL 20.11 as both a tar.gz file and also the unpacked tar file, both ways show in WMS when I push the install to the DHC that it installs successfully, but it doesn’t show up anywhere, launching the local native CWAL its still version 21.1 from January of 2021

    In WMS for my DHC policy listed under Configuration Control>>Advanced>>Privacy and Security>>Security Profile, my profile is set to LOW which states in the information tool tip: LOW Profile: Installing of TAR,Debian,bundle,python script,shell script,javascript,image file extensions,VLC extensions,Test files are allowed.Ubuntu Firewall is disabled.Kernel hardening is disabled

    I feel like I’m missing something somewhere and the Dell documentation isn’t very helpful with this.


    Jim Lathan
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    Check your application Security and make sure they are selected for access.

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