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    We have several Thin Clients with Thin OS.
    These are getting there .ini files from the FTP server and are working.

    Now I have purchase a PC Extender licence for testing purposes.
    After some reading I created a wlx.ini with the Configuration Generator.

    But the PC Extender does not apply the created wlx.ini.

    The structure of the ftproot is:
    WYSEWNOS ( for the Thin OS ), this folder contains the wnos.ini
    WYSEwlx ( for the PC Extender ), this folder contains the wlx.ini

    On the Thin Clients the fileserver is pointing to the IP address of the ftp server.
    On the PC Extender the ini server URL is ftp://

    Can you advise me on the setup

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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