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    Hi Guys,


    I have a new Windows Server 2012R2 VM dedicated to WDM 5.7. Installation seemed to go ok and devices have been checking in. Functionality has been a little hit and miss but not all devices were on the latest firmware and our WNOS.ini could use a bit of an update.

    I have seen around 60 devices check in over the last few weeks but I have also noticed this number drop down to the 30’s, meaning devices are disappearing, as well as the device status, online/offline/busy, does not seem accurate.

    Using the web interface I now see a SYSTEM IS DOWN massage on the Dashboard and an Orange Circle next to MASTER Repository.

    I am only using HTTPS for the MASTER Repository and the status is Off.

    When I check Under System > Repositories > Check Connection I get an error,

    HTTPS Test connection failed with user provided details, Please check Username, Password and Context.

    The rapport user and password has not been changed and the context, MYWDM, I expect is still the default.

    I assume it is due to this issue that WDM functionality is hit and miss.

    I have checked a few things but I have not yet found a resolution. It was working when it was first installed a few weeks ago.

    While typing this I have just noticed the Last Checkin time has changed from 1:30AM to 2:30AM today…. But it is currently 12:01PM, this has only just changed within the last hour. The time set on the WDM Server is correct.


    Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. We need to have this up and running before we deploy TCX throughout the organisation and we are running out of time.



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    Please check if the password of the local Rapport user has expired.


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    Hi Thomas,

    I knew you would have the answer! I have changed the rapport local users password to never expire and the WebUI is looking good.

    I still have a lot of unexplainable inconsistencies with the clients, even differences between a batch of new devices that should theoretically all behave the same, but I will create new threads as required.


    Thanks for you help.



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