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    Hello together!

    Here we have three rooms with 210 Dell Wyse clients (mainly 3040) for trainings.
    They can login to two different domains, all with non-personal logins only.

    All 210 users are using the same 4 character password, set 2012, most of the times logging in automatically.

    Today we noticed that for one domain we did not have users for all clients/places.
    In non-corona times we never used all clients in this domain, only today they have been needed, so I created the missing users and logged them in manually.

    The password-guidelines for our domains changed, so now I had to use a 10 character password. I tried to put in into the ini-files of the respective clients but I could not find out how to encrypt the password using the non aes (= old) way.
    Also I tried to put the password into the files without encryption using encrypt=no, but then the clients where not able to login.

    Using which software/link can I encrypt the “new” 10 character password the old and easy way (or even without encryption) and put it to the ini files of the few clients so that I not have to chance the structure of all of our configurations?

    Thank You very much in advance!

    With kind regards,


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    I was asked in a friendly way to remove the old encryption method from ConfGen.
    So, you either have to use the new AES encryption or none.
    Both should work fine in your environment.
    How does your wnos.ini look like?


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    The mighty Jedi Master himself was speaking and it is working now, thank You very much 🙂

    (Indeed I changed the password for my testclient in the old group for our Xenith 1 which still exists in the file system… after changing it in the correct group it is working now even without encryption – typical level 8 error, the force was not with me…)

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