How to automatically map a printer through to a Citrix session on a 5070?

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    Hi everyone, this is slowly driving me crazy. I’m trying to come up with a reproducible way of mapping a USB printer through to a Citrix session. I’m a bit confused when it comes to LPT/LPD on the Wyse client and then RAW/Client settings on the Windows VM.

    • Wyse 5070 8.6_013 configured mostly via a Wnos.ini file (see below for a redacted version) and managed with WMS
    • Citrix 1808.2, Windows 10 1809 Enterprise VM running the 1808.2 VDA
    • Testing with a Brother 2120 and an HP LaserJet Pro M203dw

    We’re using the Wyse clients for home users that work remotely and I would be fine standardizing on a printer that we include for each home user, so if I have to hardcode something in the wnos.ini file for a specific printer, that’s fine.

    I haven’t been able to figure out the right combination of config on the Wyse client to get the printer to automatically show up in Citrix. I can get it to show up as a device via the LPT settings, I think, but it isn’t mapped to a print driver automatically. I did try to name the device on the Wyse client to match the printer driver name, but it never seems to quite work right.. I think I’m doing something wrong. I figured there is a way to emulate the experience on a Windows Citrix client, where it automatically passes the printer through to the Citrix session (configurable via Citrix policies).

    Would really appreciate any help! Thanks!

    Global INI from Wyse system info tab:

    autoload=1 LoadPkg=1 AddPkg=”FR,horizon,RTME,TCX”


    SysMode=VDI toolbardisable=yes toolbardisablehotkey=yes

    Screensaver=10 LockTerminal=no

    SignOn=Yes EnableOK=Yes LastUsername=yes SaveLastDomainUser=User
    DomainList=”” Disable=yes

    SessionConfig=ALL DisableSound=No VUSB_AUDIO=no VUSB_VIDEO=no

    EnableLocal=no HideDefault=yes

    PnliteServer=https:/ Storefront=yes ReconnectAtLogon=0 ReconnectFromButton=0 CAGAuthMethod=LDAP RequestIconDataCount=5 DefaultSettings=XenDesktop Timeout=no CAGSendDomain=yes DisableSFInit=yes
    LongApplicationName=yes AccountSelfService=no
    SessionConfig=ICA SessionReliability=yes WarnPopup=no AudioQuality=Medium USBRedirection=HDX

    Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x046d,0x0990,0xef,0x02,0x01
    Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x2c0d,0x0001,0x03,0x01,0x01
    Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x046d,0x0836,0xef,0x02,0x01 Type=HDX
    Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x046d,0x0990,0xef,0x02,0x01 Type=HDX
    Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x046d,0x0826,0xef,0x02,0x01 Type=HDX
    Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x03f0,0x632a,0x07,0x01,0x02 Type=HDX

    WMS INI:



    TimeZone=”GMT – 05:00″ ManualOverride=Yes TimeZoneName=”Eastern Standard Time” TimeZoneName=”Eastern” daylight=Yes start=030207 end=110107

    Signon=Yes SaveLastDomainUser=no LastUserName=No

    TimeServer=redacted DateFormat=mm/dd/yyyy TimeFormat=”12-hour format”




    PlatformConfig=All EncryptFS=Yes

    WDMService=No QuickMode=No







    AdminMode=Yes Admin-Username=MEAFMNABMK Admin-Password=******************** ShowAdmin=Yes

    Privilege=high EnableTrace=No LockDown=No ShowDisplaySettings=Yes EnableKeyboardMouseSettings=Yes DisableChangeDateTime=No

    SignOn=Yes ExpireTime=0 RequireSmartCard=No SCRemovalBehavior=0 DisableGuest=Yes

    MaxVNCD=1 VNCD_8bits=No VNCD_Zlib=No

    VNCPrompt=no reject=10 ViewOnly=No ActiveVisible=No

    SecurityPolicy=warning SecuredNetworkProtocol=No TLSMinVersion=1 TLSMaxVersion=3 DNSFileServerDiscover=Yes TLSCheckCN=Yes


    Locale=us load=no


    TerminalName=redacted reboot=no

    Inactive=0 NoSessionTimer=0

    reboot=yes Idle=15 Wday=Sunday time=03:00-00:00


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    Looking at your WNOS I believe you are missing a switch under SessionConfig=ALL we use local USB prints with no issue

    I think you are missing

    SessionConfig=ALL VUSB_PRINTER=yes

    You also have to make sure the Printer redirection is configured right on the Citrix side

    which is make sure Client USB device redirection is Allowed (in Citrix its disabled by default)


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    Thank you so much for the reply! I’m much closer to getting it working now, the printer is mapped within Windows as USB001. If I manually create a printer using that port with the HP universal driver, everything works!

    Off to check Citrix policies next, hopefully I can get this thing to auto-create and that’ll be that. Thanks again.

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    If its getting mapped in windows as USB001 the Citrix side is likely correct correct. To me if its not getting automatically created at this point it sounds like a driver issue I see from your WNOS file you are using XenDesktop.

    Make sure you have the real driver of the local HP printer in your golden image (not the universal because the printer wont use that by default).

    If you are standardizing printers on all your clients there is no need to use the universal and if you have the real driver in your base image that should make it so it will automatically map. That’s how it works for us anyway.

    Also make sure when your updating your golden image to make sure your just adding the driver and make sure the local printer ins’t mapped while your updating the image because if its mapped while your adding the driver to the image when it gets mapped for your user it might show as a “Copy 1” for your users.

    If you have any Citrix Questions please let me know I have been working with XenDesktop for a a lot of years and built my company’s deployment from the group up all myself.


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    Thank you again, I’ve done some quick testing and it seems to be working well and mapping automatically using the printer specific driver! The whole key was the VUSB_PRINTER=yes value 🙂

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    Great, Glad its working now as expected. As long as you place the specific print driver you can have as many different types of local printers as you want it will just get messy having tons and tons of different drivers in your golden image.

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