How ThinOS works without wnos.ini file/folder?

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    My question is about the wnos.ini file, the current location path of our ThinClients are

    ftp:\\[server ip]\wyse\wnos


    Inside of it, there’s a file called wnos.txt, and changing it to .ini (in theory that’s the right way) our ThinClients starts in a blank page, and deleting this file seems like nothing has changes, so that’s my question:


    I believe that our ThinClients are not getting this wnos file as default, if so, where does ThinOS searchs first? VRAM? But every ThinClient is working fine and using ftp config, i just need to remove the privilege of it because they can reset to default, but when i do it and change the ftp server wnos.txt  to .ini, the blank page shows off, any tips?

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