High CPU Usage from System Interupts (Wyse 5010 WES 7 Build 0895)

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    I currently own several Wyse 5010 (D90D7) Units (manufacture date April 2016) and I recently pushed the new WES 7 Build 0895.15GB on to using USB Imaging Tool. I was able to obtain the .rsp file after WMS validated the exe file through the repository, and I took the .rsp file from the repository. The installation and everything went perfectly fine.

    However, I have run into the issue where the each unit has a High CPU Usage from System Interrupts and it sits at around 25-35. Also because of the high CPU usage, the units are running very slow unlike before.

    I have done general troubleshooting by deactivating each drivers to determine if it’s a driver issue, but I haven’t had any luck.

    The units were running WES 7 Build 0876.15GB before and had no issues with high CPU usage.

    If you could please give me some insight on this and hopefully I can find a solution.

    Thank you.

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    I have a similar issue with several Wyse 5010 clients.  It doesn’t look like System interrupts, but they just seem to struggle with life in general!

    I have de-activated everything I can think of at startup, switched to the “windows classic” look.  They sit at around 40% CPU when doing nothing.  Moving a window across a screen or attempting to open a new tab in IE cause the CPU to shoot to 100% where it stays for around 30 seconds while the machines are virtually unresponsive.  When I eventually get into my Citrix session, it remains sluggish throughout the duration of the session.

    I have tried the latest WES 7 build (April 19) from Dell, but I still have the same issue.

    This is happening on around 30 devices!

    Does anyone have any ideas?



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