FYI – USB Redirection with Wyse 5070 and PCoIP – ThinOS 9.3

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    Hello All,

    Knowledge Sharing only – Not a question

    I just wanted to share my findings on USB redirection with the Wyse 5070 and ThinOS 9.3.


    WMS 3.7.458

    Wyse 5070 PCOIP

    Wyse ThinOS 9.3.1107

    BIOS:  1.17.0

    I was having issues with USB redirection not working to Windows 10 on Horizon with PCoIP.

    Previously USB redirection was working fine with Horizon Windows Client and Teradici Zero Clients.  We started replacing our Teradici Zero Clients with Wyse 5070 devices and could not get USB redirection working.

    The solution:

    An additional group policy setting was required (The setting was buried in the release notes –

    Teradici PCoIP update
    ● Teradici PCoIP version is supported in ThinOS 2205.
    ● The audio does not work when the device is connected to a Remote Workstation Card. This is a limitation from Teradici. For
    more details, see Software Client for Linux 22.01.3 Release Notes.
    NOTE: You must use PCoIP package version 21.03.1 if audio functionality is required with the Remote Workstation Card.
    ● USB Redirection in a PCoIP session—In PCoIP sessions, ensure that the Group Policy is enabled for the USB redirection
    to work. Do the following to enable the Group Policy Object (GPO) feature:
    1. Open a PCoIP session and press WIN+R to open the Run window.
    ThinOS 2205 29
    2. Enter gpedit.msc to open the Local Group Policy Editor.
    3. Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > PCoIP Session Variables > Not Overridable
    Administrator Settings.
    4. Open Configure PCoIP USB allowed and unallowed device rules.
    5. Select Enable.
    6. Click Apply
    NOTE: Enabling the GPO feature in a PCoIP session can be done using both VMware Horizon and Teradici Cloud
    Access brokers. Third-party vendors do not support USB redirection for Teradici Remote Workstation Card and
    Amazon WorkSpaces sessions.

    One I enabled this policy my USB redirection started working.

    Just wanted to share this as it took a while for me to find this solution.

    Thank you.


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