‘Fail to validate file server’ on 3040 after updating to 8.6_807

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    Currently, we have about 50+ Dell Wyse 3040 thin clients. They are running ThinOS version 8.6_013. I downloaded version 8.6_807 and added it to my FTP server.

    I rebooted a test thin client which was running version 8.6_013 and was properly downloading the wnos.ini file I had previously. The thin client updated as expected but now I am getting getting an error that says ‘fail to validate file server’ and the thin client is not pulling down the wnos.ini.

    What settings in the updated ThinOS version would be stopping the thin client from reaching the file server?

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    In the older 8.6 versions, the Fileserver path (provided with DHCP) is used/converted like; ftp://server/path/wnos.ini

    In the newer 8.6 versions (710 and 807) the Fileserver path shows like; https://server/path/wnos.ini which isn’t working (certificate error and protocol not correct)

    Why change something which was working like a charm for years?


    So be aware, newer 8.6 versions will have an issue using FTP as configuration/management repository.


    If someone knows how to solve this, please let me know.



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