err pduType2 54 ?

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    I’m a Wyse noob here, so bear with me …

    I’m setting up a “proof of concept” experiment here, trying to connect a Wyse C10LE Thin Client to a Hyper-V server. This is configured to use VDI, and I have created a Windows 7 VM, and used the Broker to assign it to user “vmuser”.

    When I login from the C10LE as vmuser, I can see on the Hyper-V server that it does indeed start the assigned virtual machine, but I get nothing but a black screen (with mouse pointer) on the C10LE.

    The C10LE event log shows this:

    15:37:13 RDP: Mchannel: data pdu – err pduType2 54
    15:37:13 RDP: Mchannel: pduType2 54 failed
    15:37:27 RDP: RDP: server set error info 0x406
    15:37:27 RDP error: Unknown reason

    Any suggestions?

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    No experience with Hyper-V but had a similar issue with VMWare view. Would log into the connection server but the entitled sessions were not showing on the screen.

    The issue ended up being the “Default Display Protocol” setting combined with client control setting. We had set the default display protocol to PCOIP with not allowing the user the ability to change protocols. Well the C10LE does not support PCOIP and we restricted the client from selecting an alternate. Changed the setting on the VDI pool to allow the client to select the protocol and the sessions came into view. C10 units only support RDP. Now the units default to RDP even though desktop users can access via PCOIP.

    Do you get the same behavior from a desktop?

    Hope this helps.

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