Enabling Span mode via .ini for RDS Applications

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    Good Evening Crew!


    I’m in need of some assistance!

    We are currently trialing the All-In-One WYSE ThinClient solution (5040)

    After upgrading to Firmware 8.5_009 all our RDS Applications are running quite smoothly within Horizon VDI

    RDS Snap


    Now I’m having an issue with getting the RDS Applications to span across two monitors.

    I have dual-head enabled via WMS Policy I can move Virtual Desktops across but not RDS Apps unless I select the following manually


    After that is selected, we are rock and rolling and it’s all good.

    But the setting doesn’t retain.


    Is there an .ini parameter that I can put in ? Or perhaps a WMS Policy I’ve over looked?


    What are your thoughts ?


    Thanks Team!

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    Have you tried
    SessionConfig=ALL Fullscreen=yes


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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