Edge, chrome and firefox crash at times in thinclient wyze

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    Dears, good morning

    Please, I have a doubt that I wanted help from colleagues.

    I have a Dell server where 18 thinclient Wize machines connect from the terminal service.

    Memory I have 92 giga and processor also has a great performance. With zabbix, I rarely exceeded 35% when using these two devices. The problem I have is in browsers such as chrome, firefox, and edge that sometimes crashes and therefore I have to access the user on the server and go down the application instances. is there any way to prevent browsers from crashing when using thinclient on the server?


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    First, the brand is called “Wyse” 😉

    Are you using Microsoft RDSH to connect to?
    Which version?
    What Wyse clients?
    What firmware version?
    What does the configuration look like?


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