DNS Srv record or DHCP tags


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    Hi. Long time lurker. Thanks for all the informative posts and guidance over the years.

    I’m reaching out because I’m in a bit of a predicament. When we upgraded our 3040/5470 devices from 8.6 to 9.1.1, we never set the WMS token/url settings in the policy. We assumed it set the token during the initial group move since the upgrade path worked and the devices checked in after upgrading.

    Recently in an effort to upgrade to 9.1.2, we turned off the live update settings in the WDA policy. This seems to trigger the WMS setting and because we never set the token and url, the devices now lost both.

    So my predicament is how do I specify the token and url when devices can no longer communicate with the management console. Since I cannot do it via policy, the most logical way is to set the token/url via DNS service record or DHCP tags and hope the device grabs it during boot but I’m not sure which one to use. I read that once the device checked it the console, DHCP tags is no longer a valid option, does that hold true with a reboot when the device reaches out for an IP?

    Any guidance is much appreciated.

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    I’m not familiar with your client device type but I would base my choice on the complexity of the environment.  I work in a company where there are far too many DHCP scopes to keep track of but I only have to worry about 3 DNS domains for SRV records.  That made the choice easy for me.  I might not even find out what IP ranges are in use for clients until they start reporting in so relying on DNS makes the management of clients a lot easier.

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