Display refresh problems on Wyse 3040 with RDS 2016 sessions

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    I get numerous reports from users that complain that since last week, the display of web pages with animation is really sluggish in RDS session, to the point that the browser seems stuck for seconds. There is no such behavior with office applications or CRM.

    I checked the Internet connection on the DC that hosts the RDS farm and no problem there.

    I also got aware that there was no problem with RDS sessions running on a PC (people in home office connect to the same RDS Farm as people connecting from their office with Wyse 3040).

    Incidentally, it seems that the problem appeared when I went from configuring the Wyse devices with FTP and WNOS.INI to registering them to WMS 3.3 with a group token.
    So I suspect that a setting has changed with the  change of configuration method, that impacts the display of animation. Please also note that the firmware was not changed (mostly 8.6.028).

    I changed the display depth from 32 bits to 16 bits, but with no success.

    Does anyone has an idea ?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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