Disable System Info, Taskbar, Admin Mode and shutdown button

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    Hi guys,

    Long time user of Wyse. We are about to deploy another 1200 devices in our correctional facilities (The new Optiplex All-In-Ones). As you can imagine we need these devices to be locked down as much as possible as our users are offenders. For the new devices we will be using ThinOS 9.4.1141 and WMS 4.0 HF3 550. There terminals will be managed by the Pro License.

    We use Citrix with a published desktop.

    I need to disable the ThinOS taskbar once the session is logged in.

    Under Experience Settings I have selected Classic Mode and enabled the “Hide Taskbar” option but it still appears. This needs to be disabled as its not a good user experience as every time you try and access the windows start menu in the Citrix session the ThinOS taskbar pops up.

    Is there a way to disable the System Info screen from appearing at startup? It displays info in there that I do not want our users to see. It gives them cookie crumbs…

    How do you access Admin Mode?? I have enabled the admin account but there is no Admin button or way of accessing Admin Mode from the login page.

    Is there a way of adding the Shutdown Button to the home screen menu (Like 8.x)

    I have run ThinOS8.x for 5 years without a single security incident but I find Version 9 very non-customisable..






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    In order to disable the float bar in session:

    1. In User Experience Settings use the modern mode
    2. Set “Show Floatbar when mouse” to Delay
    3. Set “Delay Floatbar Activation in Milliseconds to “0”. The tool tip on the “info” icon tells you this.

    The under “Account Privileges” you can enable Admin mode, if you want.

    You can also set “Privilege Level” to “Custom” and disable everything.

    Good luck!


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