Disable all Connectivity Settings except Network Setup

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    I have a few Dell Wyse 3040 boxes and I have a Wyse Management  Suite Pro public cloud account.  The boxes are on firmware version 8.6_511.

    I’d really like to disable all Connectivity setting except for Network Setup.  This is because we give these boxes to staff to use at home so we can’t manage their wireless settings for them.

    I have tried

    1. Security>Privilege level>Low
    2. Device Settings>Device Settings Management>Enable Selective Manual Overrides – tick Network

    But this doesn’t work.  I can’t see any other settings in the UI or in the ini file reference to disable these settings individually. Is there a more complete ini file reference anywhere?

    Any assistance would be hugely appreciated.


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    Of course, there is a full INI reference guide available on Dell Support website.
    On the other hand, you can use my Configuration Generator which you can find in the Downloads section.
    The INI parameter which could be used in the Advanced section of your policy would look like this:
    Privilege=None EnableNetworkSetup=yes


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    Thank you so much for such a quick response. I really appreciate it.

    I see how that section works now.

    I’m new to this ecosystem and your website has been an invaluable resource.


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