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    You want to access your Storefront via Web Browsers. Using Chrome, accessing Storefront after log-in auto-launches the ICA client and connects to your applications and/or desktops. However, if you prefer using Firefox, the user will have to make a selection to launch manually. There is a fix/patch that can be installed with WMS that will allow Firefox to auto-launch ICA connections. The fix/patch adds the necessary file associations for Citrix.

    File: Available in Downloads/DHC

    Add to your repository and schedule job to push to DHC clients.

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    Clicking the link presents a message “Sorry you are not allowed to access this page”  Its a WordPress error coming from the site, not a proxy or firewall block of any kind.

    Jim Lathan
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    Good afternoon, the file is available in Downloads/DHC. My link was in error.

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